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So sometimes two might meet

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Posted by achresis on January 23, 2007


unended and unbegun, truth without a hyphen, love without parentheses, loot without undergirdings

below or above what does it matter to the loser?


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The vacancy of the face-to-face

Posted by achresis on January 22, 2007


When I look out of my window onto the square I might say I see men but then I would be deceived by my ordinary language.  For what I see might just as well be automatons masked by hats and cloaks.  I do not see men but judge what I see to be men. 

The best of painters then is restricted to mere imagination.  One can only combine–the sublime composition, the wild history inscribed in figures and faces–the painter’s extravagance no greater than that of the dreamer or the mad.  One thus sees but an image reflected as in a concave glass, darkly; until–out in the street, only there–can one be sure of the vacancy of the face to face.

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