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Posted by achresis on February 17, 2007

Maybe one of the few very great figures of the 20th century – figures who influenced the way the world goes and for the better – now almost all gone (Franz Kafka, Charlie Parker, Jacques Derrida) and now JB.

Please, Please, Please …

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The Principle of Non-Contradiction

Posted by achresis on February 11, 2007

The same attribute cannot at the same time belong and not belong to the same subject in the same respect, for it is impossible for a man to believe that something can be and not be.  Someone might say this but men do not always say what they believe.  It is impossible for the same man at the same time to believe the same thing to be and not to be.

 So Aristotle said.  But he did not show that the presence of the same–the identity that inheres as the essence of the same–ever applies.  The same–it seems–is riven in itself–an a priori division allows a temporary coherence–but an irreducibly discursive coherence that fails ultimately to cohere at all–that is the springboard for all coherent statements of truth or lies about the world or anything in it.  How do we tell the difference between when a man says what he believes and when he does not?  The principle that underlies the principle of non contradiction is not a principle at all, but a paradox: a man says “I am lying.”  All well and good, if he is telling the truth, he lies and if he lies, he tells the truth.  This is not the logical anomaly that has haunted philosophy for 2000 years but the exemplary statement itself, exemplifying, that is, the condition a priori of our discourse and the condition of our beliefs.

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