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Posted by achresis on June 27, 2007

Somehow the chief feudal tension between forces of religious fundamentalism and those of modernization is replicated in the twenty first century in a kind of science fiction become actual.  Tensions of this kind (are there any others?) must be defended against: whence the private armies, the wealthy militias and their neo-Machiavellis, operating in the give and take of world historical dramas. 


The dawn breaks for the megacity and one can almost hear Moussorgsky as the first pale grey shows, an echo of a simple folk melody gradually extended as the flame of the sun merges with the toxic hues of a chemical atmosphere; and then the harmonies, developed at first into the conventional lushness of the rising sun, are subverted by dark peals evoking the tolling of bells perhaps signifying the boatman and the fraught passage to the isle of the dead. 

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