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Posted by achresis on December 25, 2008

The first one believes in an external and therefore eternal domain of truth.  Or perhaps belief is too strong a word, for this is not even necessarily a question of faith: this domain is not a truth as such, a true thing or something true which one might say … but the idea of the ability of one (someone) to speak truth unencumbered by the twists of our prejudices and our antagonisms which (and no one would dare to contradict the following statement) inevitably arise during our adventures in space and time.  So outside these adventures: an overlook from which we can judge, measure, condemn or compare.

The second one sees this as the idealization of a true world set up against mundane experience, which everywhere accosts us, attacks us and sets our dreams to flight, an “illusory” world (the believers in truth believe) where nothing is but where everything only becomes, so that what was is already no longer and what is to be is not yet.  The second one doesn’t believe in the true world and therefore rejects too the illusory world and in this way plunges us in into the turmoil of drives and forces that return again and again incessantly with deceptive but crucial differences: instead of eternity, eternal return.




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