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Three Kinds of Forgetting: the Truth of Memory

Posted by achresis on May 14, 2009

Forgetting One: Memories are regarded as the received and recorded contents of perception. [A figure enters in a way that is recognizable for this is not the first time: I don’t quite remember the first time for my memory is of her entering and leaving and entering …].   The psyche stores these in the hypermedia archive of the brain.  Access all users?  No.  Forgetting would be the loss of something that has been added.  Something added is buried too deep, taken away, or otherwise lost.

Forgetting Two: But science tells us that memory cannot truly be regarded as an operation prior to forgetting.  Memory is rather regarded as a kind of reserve in which something recorded is simultaneously something else lost.  The forgetting is part and parcel of the remembering.  [The figure who enters forms a shadow within which … I cannot quite make this out …].  One rembers nothing without the positive action of a simultaneous forgetting.  With forgetting two there can be no pure memory ever.

Forgetting Three: Forgetting without reference to anything remembered at all; without reference to anything ever to be remembered: forgetting a priori. [As the figure comes and goes and as its shadow obscures my perceptions I nonetheless glimpse an absolute nothing that my memories and forgettings struggle yet fail to fill].  A priori forgetting forms the functional blind spot constitutive of my subjective experience but beyond all experience whatsoever.  

Memories attached to forgetting one could not have occurred it seems without the a priori function of forgetting three, a fact that tips forgetting one already into forgetting two.  So once again there can be no pure memory.  But forgetting three reserves from the destructive ambiguity of forgetting two the ideal proposed by forgetting one.  No pure memory, no, we need no logic come from the Styx to tell us this.  But pure forgetting, yes … welcome, little one, into our home.         


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